Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama-Warren alliance is change I can believe in

I hope that President Obama continues on this path of acknowledging the true passions of the American people. Whether it's been his foreign policy team or his decision to invite Pastor Rick Warren to pray at the Inaugaration, the incoming Commander-in-chief is showing himself to be in touch with mainstream America.

It's sad that I think he is playing politics and not really sincere. But I also believe that if a person fakes something long enough, they eventually become that or at least more like that. In this case, hopefully Obama will become more normal than his left wing base.

Perhaps he will see the value of vouchers for our party and how it can help people find ways to teach their children values they would like.

Or maybe he will see that abortion is a moral evil and that no matter what your political position (I'm pro-choice), we should attack it in some really substanstial ways.

Also, that Americans rightfully are against changing the definition of marriage, and that in fact we should be finding ways to strengthen the institutions from the attacks of people like Britney Spears, and all of the no-fault divorces, etc.

I hope in 2009 that social conservatives become more intelligent in the culture war, and more active. Right now the radical left is on the move. They are trying to overtake the Democratic Party through intellectual force. They don't want debate, they have de-legitimized so much honest debate that good minded people have succombed to the inevitability of the radicals' agenda.

I will stand for a strong Democratic Party that welcomes honest debate. A Democratic Party that is attempting to do what is in the best interest of Americans and not pursue a narrow ideological agenda.

Traditional values married with a dedication to what is right can be a recipe for America being successful for years to come.

So far, President Obama is on the right side, and I hope he stays there.

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