Thursday, December 18, 2008

Democrats need to plan future of the Party

The single biggest reason Democrats are the Majority Party is that Republicans were doing so badly at governing.

Some Republicans took their ideology too far in areas where the American people disagree, such as lack of regulations and over-sight of the Financial markets and business which has led to many business scandals and and economic crisis.

Other Republicans became entrenched in power and either committed crimes or had such low ethics that it was easy to defeat them.

Lastly, we had incompetence like in Iraq and Katrina where people just associated failure with the Bush administration.

The point here is that Democrats were elected mostly as a rebuke to Republicans rather than a positive affirmation of any agenda.

I think right now Democrats need to think about what we really believe and pursue a coherent issues based agenda that is good for the American people at all levels of government.

What I'm hearing right now isn't very good, but the typical stereotypical liberals:

Gov. Kaine in Virginia looking to double the cigarette tax.

Gov. Patterson in New York seeks Obseity tax

Others want leftwing social agendas advanced on abortion, homosexuality, and the environment.

We didn't get elected to mess up America.
We can use this time to build a strong economy, strong families, safer streets, and a healthier nation. Everything we do should be in our best interest and well thought out.

Take the environment for example: Some people want no drilling at any time no matter what. They had this position when oil was $140 a barrel with no sign of caring about the American people's struggles.

Also, there are people who constantly want to add to the endangered species act, and to continue adding more lands to the protected list that will harm our economy for the sake of some extremists.

I believe that America is better place when newliberal thinking Democrats are in power to consider all the options and make the best decisions. Hopefully this period won't be an orgy of leftwing thought that will quickly usher our party back to minority status.

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