Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Person of the year

Of Course Time magazine chose Obama as Person of the Year. That's obvious.

But think if Hillary Clinton really did "say or do anything" to win that her opponents claimed about her.

She clearly could have torpedoed Obama's chance at the Presidency at numerous points in this 2008 election season.

At some points, like before the Primaries, she could have done so and still been viable as a candidate, though she would have risked the (even more) scorn of the media and African Americans especially. But all in all, I think everyone would stilll have supported her, eventually.

Later, Hillary could have been coy and signaled to millions of voters that John McCain was acceptable (which he was), so though it wouldn't have helped her, it would have devasted Obama's chances. The story that wasn't was the "Hillary Democrats" being swing voters.

Along the way, like after South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Hillary had a decision to present the cased that Obama wasn't qualified, or to "let the voters decide". Well, letting liberal and black voters decide on Obama was really saying, "I accept the defeat gracefully". Whereas, Hillary could have presented a potent case to right leaning Democrats, and indepedents that they shouldn't trust Obama's judgement and that his lack of experience was dangerous.

Hillary couldn't just "raise questions", she needed to answer them forcefully and often. By the way, McCain did the same thing. When it was time, when the media asked, "Are you saying Obama isn't qualified?"; just like Hillary, McCain backed down. He learned from Hillary.

Hillary was looking at history, and didn't want to be the reason, an ugly reason why the American people rejected Obama.

I think there was a very legitimate case that should have been pursued vigorously, and then let the people decide.

Hillary shouldn't have just presented her case, she should have went from city to city saying, "Obama is not qualified". "He doesn't love this country as a President should". "Obama should not be allowed to be commander in chief".

But saying this, would have closed all doors to many in the Democratic Party win or lose.
But Hillary could have won both the Primary and the General.

Hillary didn't do this.
Come to find out there were things she wouldn't say or do, media reports to the contrary.

For that, Hillary is the 2008 Person of the Year.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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