Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Point in support of Gun Control

A commentator on television noted that he doesn't know of an instance when a star athelete used a firearm to save himself or others. This, even though many athletes admit to carrying a weapon.

The implication is that by carrying a gun, even though you might think you are protecting yourself, and theoretically you are, the facts are you are more likely to harm yourself or someone you know (who you wouldn't want to hurt in your right mind).

Guns can escalate a bad situation and make it worse.

They can turn a robbery that would have been embarrassing into a shootout with deadly consequences.

They can turn a depressed person who is lost, into an armed person who we need to be protected from.

They can turn arguments into potential crime scenes.

I totally respect that having a gun may save many people's lives each year. It makes logical sense, and it is reported everyday throughout our country.

But as a society we have to look at things on balance: personal freedom, personal safety, public safety, etc. and make good public policy.

I think the answer is to make sure we have more police to deter crime, and a more civil society to improve our lives.

We need to put ourselves in positions where good things are likely to happen, and avoid more dangerous circumstances.

I welcome the real life data and statistics that may prove that an individual carrying a gun improves his personal safety or benefits us as a society overall.

Every time I look for the facts, one side or the other is "spinning" and refusing to tell all sides.

So, I'm left to use my judgement.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe agian!

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