Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Democrats view on Education: student or system?

I'm listening to a representative of the National Education Association Sheia Simmons on CSPAN talk against tution tax credits that allow more students to attend private elementary and secondary schools.

It is clear that her focus is on "students" as a group.
It is clear that her focus is on "our public school performance".
It is clear that her focus is on "our teachers".


I focus on individual students and what are their needs. When we talk about millions of students there isn't a way for central planners to address all of those needs in a comprehensive way. They can only group students one way or another and then address them as part of a larger whole.

My purpose is to get the best education possible for as many students. I think parents should be the people deciding exactly what that means. The government shouldn't be able to determine whether a school is failing or succeeding at educating a paraticular child.

What if that child needs more discipline?
What if that child needs less discipline?
More art?
Less science?

Americans should embrace a universal commitment to education and a market oriented approach to achieving the best education.

I focus on the student.
The purpose of the system is to help the individual, rather than fitting the person into a predesigned system.

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