Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Create new decency standards

There have been pictures of President-elect Obama swimming and on the beach shirtless.

I am insulted as an American.

There were similar pictures of Hillary Clinton during the primary, "showing cleavage".

Again. I was insulted.

We should draw bright lines and develop a culture of respect.

A President of the United States should be afforded maximum privacy, and not be shown in certain circumstances whether they be sexual, embarassing, or whatever.

No one should show the President smoking. Drinking alcohol. Swimming shirtless.

And any other thing you can think of that isn't worthy of the office.

It should start when they become serious candidates, and it should increase with whomever wins.

By having high standards, it will increase their authority, and the reverence for the office.

It does go both ways, the President-elect should avoid the circumstances described above, and the media should not publish or amplify them.

Every little bit can count as we try to improve our society.

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