Tuesday, December 16, 2008

college football: The real race card

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College Football has a problem. There seems to be a reluctance and/or desire to allow African Americans to be head coaches, athletic directors, and other positions of real power.
The evidence is in the absence of people of "color".By the way, I think the lack of Asians, hispanics, and women should be questioned also. Just because they (as a group) don't play the sport, why should that still not be an issue as to a particular indiividual getting a great job?
But the glaring hint of racism deals with African Americans because of the predominance of blacks on the football field.
In many cases, A.A.'s are over 50% of players in division I football while overall about 32% are black. Yet, out of 119 top Bowl sub-division teams, there are 4 black coaches.
But who's kidding who. We're really not talking numbers but more so about the "big" jobs:
notre dame (maybe?)All SEC schools (Florida,Ala, Aub.,etc.)USCOkl.Tex.

We need a civil rights movement in college football

I agree with this column about needing a civil rights type movement.
The numbers matter at this low level, but even if over the next 5 years they went to about 25 coaches, the reall issue is about the top jobs.
It is hard not to believe it is racism because common sense would tell you that many former players would want, prepare for, and are ready to run these programs.
In the past it could be argued there weren't enough people prepared, but in today's world that isn't the case.
There are conservative, maybe even racist people running many of these schools. They may be the boosters who raise millions and they call the tune, or it could be the actual people in charge.
But I call this racist.It should be changed.
President Obama commented on a college playoff and not this.He was wrong about the playoff, and should focus his attention on this instead.
I wouldnt advise he do it personally, but hire a white liberal to lead the charge in the civil rights division of the Justice department.---Contrast the above with the usual calls about racism:
1.the bogus charges hurled at the Clintons during the campaign. Based on "code words" that happen to be true.
2.Don Imus being forced off the air for making jokes about some female basketball players in offensive language. Something almost every black person laughs at when it comes from Chris Rock.
3. George Bush not signing a "hate crimes" law in Texas for the killers of James Byrd. When he sought the death penalty in that case, but disagreed with the concept of a "hate crime" for other reasons.
I could go on.
The point is that there are still reasons to support Affirmative Action because America, while the best country ever created, still has racial issues. There is racism in some areas. College Football is certainly one of them.
Racism doesn't affect the average black person daily. We eat where we want 99% of the time, we live and work we were are entitled to 99%, and so on.
And in the future we should stop being politically correct and focus on the real problem when they do occur.

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