Monday, December 15, 2008

Can politics take a back seat for once?

I know Eugene Robinson is a committed leftist. And while I generally agree with his approach to politics, he has gone over the top, especially since he became an Obama supporter. Here he finds it difficult to really comdemn the Iraqi journalist for assaulting our President:

We should all be thankful that President Bush wasn't injured Sunday when, during a news conference in Baghdad, he had to duck as an Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes toward the podium. And we should be appalled that Iraqi security allowed such a thing to happen. But -- tell me if you agree -- shouldn't we also take note of the irony?The president was making a surprise visit to the land where invading U.S. troops were supposed to be greeted as liberators. They weren't, of course -- and despite Bush's premature "Mission Accomplished" photo-op on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, the mission clearly still hasn't been accomplished. The man who hurled his shoes at the president's head, identified as a reporter for the Cairo-based Al-Baghdadia Television network, reportedly yelled: "This is a farewell kiss!"The shoe-thrower was promptly beaten down by security personnel. But he had made his point.The throwing of shoes is about the worst imaginable insult in the Arab world, a gesture intended to humiliate and demean. That such a thing would happen on Bush's last visit suggests the vast gap between the president's goals and accomplishments in Iraq. Bush still believes his decision to go to war was the right thing to do and is convinced that history will vindicate him. I'm thinking he's going to have to wait a long, long time.

First Robinson should state that it was wrong to throw dangerous objects at the POTUS. Not just that he could be hurt (which I believe E.R. to be sincere), but that it is disrespectful to the American people, and to civility. Imagine any circumstance where E.R. tries to look beyond an attack on Obama. I'll note it if it ever happens. (doubtful) Or for that matter any left-leaning democrat in good standing. I'm asking that those on the left try to put their politics aside when there is a national moment to make a point. This was an opportunity not to engage the debate but rather stand together and say no to a person trying to be a bully.

Craig Farmer
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