Sunday, November 23, 2008

Richardson insulted with Commerce position

yellowdem1129 (me) over at mydd:

First of all this country is unfortunately still about identity politics. Obama played the game with the best of them, and won.
One of the reasons was that he convinced the Latino community to support him over McCain who had been a friend to Latinos, especially for a Republican.
Remember the "latinos won't vote for a black guy", and "they are the ultimate swing vote"?
Well the decision by latinos as a group both individual and institutional with their media and organizations to support Obama has been insulted.
No one could have blamed some of the Latino groups to say "McCain has been the 1 republican trying, and we don't want to disregard that"... but they did.
Now they get only Bill Richardson in the mix for a Cabinet job, and even he as an afterthought.
There are "A' level cabinet positions:
Sec of StateSec of DefenseAttorney Generaland now Sec of treasurey
They are so because of the media exposure, the importance of the decisions, and the history of the job.
No latinos. Also, btw No people from the left.
"B" level cabinet positions:
Environmental Protection Agency (sometimes considered cabinet)Hud (upgraded because of housing crisis)National security advisor (sometimes considered)Homeland Security
No Latinos so far, but probably some coming soon.
"C" level cabinet positons are so because no one either knows or cares what they really do:
To name Richardson here, when he was already there before is an insult.
If you think I'm exagerrating about 'C" level status:
We just had a gigantic spike in oil up to over $4 and now a dramatic drop, and who is the energy secretary?What did they do during the crisis?
We are having an economic crisis, and the commerce sec's job is to do what?
--Obama should have named Richardson to head Sec of State. It would have met his "change" image, and Richardson is Obama's type of Democrat on Foreign issues.
Richardson is too weak to hold any other "A" level cabinet jobs, so that was it.
Hillary will be a great Sec of State but she will be her own person.Everyone has to know that.
I agree with the pick because to me it means, Hillary will run Foreign Policy. Otherwise, why would she take the job, to implement Obama's vision?
Obama and Democrats are playing with fire with the Latino sentiment. Of course there will be chances to fix this with departures later on. Or maybe a Supreme Court pick.
But for now this is embarassing.

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