Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama shouldn't choose Timothy Geithner

Speculation is that the top 2 contenders for Treasury Secretary are

Timothy Geithner
Lawrence Summers

I'm taking a cue from Jim Cramer on Cnbc's Mad Money who says that picking Geithner would be a disaster mostly because he has contributed to the financial crisis that we are in.

I don't know enough of the inside details to make an informed decision, so I'm left to trust those who do know.

I trust Cramer.

Obama should pick Summers.

I like the fact that Summers has political enemies on the left. Mostly for him being politically incorrect in terms of raising sensitive issues.

As an American who is interested in our country prospering as much as possible, we need people who will venture beyond the tiny boundaries now established if it is for a good purpose.

Let's gives Summers a chance.

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