Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michael Vick should be freed

President Bush should pardon former Atlanta Falcon quarterback Micheal Vick. He took personal responsibility for his crimes, admitted his involvement, and even went to jail early.

Many are wondering whether Vick will ever play in the NFL again.

I think and hope so.

America is about redemption, hope, and opportunity.

I disagree with the laws Vick was convicted under.
While I personally detest dog fighting because it is so gruesome. That surely can't and shouldn't be the standard as to legality. There are much more brutal activities that are not only legal but encouraged.

I enjoy beef products, yet we are routinely shielded from the way cows are turned into dinner.

Likewise, with what is legal to do to horses around the world.

The point is, I accept that our culture venerates the relationship between man and dog and wants to protect the animals. Michael Vick has agreed to end that lifestyle, he has been imprisoned, he has lost much of his football career, and he has been humbled in the public square.

So it is now time to forgive and move on.

Vick should be given a chance to resume his career, right now.

President Bush should do all he can to pursue a release of Michael Vick.
If not him, President Obama on January 20, 2008 should do it.

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