Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Government brings Big Lies

There are people who are intentionally mistating the truth to the American people for what (I think) they think is a noble purpose. The most recent example is the $700 billion rescue package for our Financial system.

At the time, there were many assertions about the necessity of acting, about what was to be done, and how it had to be done to save the system.

As it turned out, there wasn't any concensus on what to do, and it's not clear whether what was done was in the best interet of the country. Paulson started out saying he had to purchase bad debt, and hold it until the market rebounded, so the government could sell it at a more rational price.

But it seems clear to me, Paulson and the rest never knew what they were going to do, but that wasn't an attractive assertion," We have a crisis, we're not sure what to do, but give us the authority to do whatever we think."

As a matter of fact, Paulson pretty much tried that with a 3 page proposal at the beginning of the crisis.

So as it turned out, the truth was unacceptable, so the Paulson team lied. They made up a plan, sold it forcefully, and then abandoned it as soon as possible. They got the funds, and then started from the beginning, looking at what was best.

They wound up buying stakes in banks, and doing other more socialist maneuvers. This being a Republican Adminstration, makes the lurches to the left seem temporary.

This reminds me of the Iraq War. There just like now, it seems the truth wasn't a good enough reason for the members of Congress and the Public. So the government lied.

All in all, if you truly believe in what you are doing, and think it really is necessary, I understand why this happens. It's because otherwise the public wouldn't consent.

This is politics. It could be done better, by people being more careful with their words, and using their political capital more wisely.

We should ultimately thank our public servants, and should apologize to them for forcing them to lie to us for our own good.

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