Monday, November 17, 2008

Mainstream groups need to fight gay agenda

Another hollywood star is "proud to be gay", and so the attack on our culture continues.

There are so many tangents here. On the one hand the American sensibility ultimately is "who cares". And the gay rights crowd knows this. So they constantly bombard the public with information that eventually gets discounted and put aside. Then later it is old news. No big deal to be "gay".

Remember we are talking about people's sexual behavior. It is behavior. It isn't relevant to whether someone can do a job. But these groups and individuals are insisting that you know they are "different', and on a crusade to make themselves normal and a part of the mainstream.

I know it is counterintuitive but we need to establish a counter agenda to maintain and keep our country strong.

For example, right now there are scenes in commercials where a man couldn't/wouldn't say and do things to a woman because of the perceived sexual harassment or inappropriateness, that are happening between 2 men. The ineuendo, the jokes, the implied messages, etc.

Americans should demand that if "gay" people want to be equal, then they can't allow these same messages that would be degrading to women. I say "they" because clearly the people in New York and Hollywood are of the same mind. I'm sure they don't meet and plan it out like a big government, but the results couldn't be better for them if they do.

We need to think through the implications of allowing militant gay rights activists define our culture just because they say they are a civil rights groups. And of course we all support civil rights.

Who wouldn't we accept? What behavior now is deemed bad and wrong can become the next impetus to start an aggreived civil rights group?

I support treating every person in a dignified manner. We should keep our sexual activiites/inclinations out of the public sphere. As a nation we should promote healthy families and marriages.

Yes that means monogamy between one man and one woman.

When a good person falls short don't use that as a reason to lower the standards. Use that as an opportunity to strengthen our resolve to have rules and aim to live up to them.

We need a mainstream revolt.

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