Monday, November 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton deserves any Post she desires

Hillary Clinton is a great American. She put her country first during the Democratic Primary. The person whom many said would say or do anything to win, actually had boundaries that she wouldn't cross. When faced with destroying the candidacy of Obama and what he stood for, Hillary chose to pull her punches and see if the people really wanted to go the Obama route.

Since then, she has done all she could to help him win. We as a nation are benefitting from her good decisions.

If HRC wants to be Secretary of State or any other position, Obama should grant it, and give her full authority. This is unusual, but HRC deserves it.

Secretary of State is a great position for HRC because she can run the whole show in her own little kingdom.

Obama should grant her veto power over any Health Care proposal adapted, and full control over foreign policy. This will give Hillary a chance to do good, without the press taking massive shots at her (at least not as much as if she were President).

The sad reality is that HRC was more qualified and should be President, but the press didn't like her. Not only that, they loved her opponent. This matters. I'm not saying it shouldn't, I'm just as lawyers say "making a record".

So as we go forward, the best chance Hillary ever had to really do a good job in the Executive branch was never as President because the press and partisan Republicans love to hate her.
But with Obama at the helm, this could be HRC's chance to actually do good.

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