Saturday, November 22, 2008

Government should censor commercials

I was watching college football at 12 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

It's unfortunate that even at that time of the day with a "G" rated program on, the commercials should have been rated TV14 and maybe even "R".


1. Beyonce is promoting cable service and doing it in a seductive way that I personally liked but not if I'm watching the program with 3 generations (grandparents,kids)

2. A promotional ad for an upcoming show displayed a man during a doctor's visit having an evasive exam in his "private area" and then making comments filled with homosexual enuendo.

Now, I have problems with the second example because it is part of an ongoing campaign to convince people that "gay is ok". But regardless, the government should mandate that commercials and the actual programming have high standards when children are likely to be watching. In addition, even grown people might now want to watch or hear this nonsense when trying to watch a ballgame.

Perhaps there can be some kind of technology that will only allow language and video that those of us who want traditional values presented will approve of.

I know this is a part of the culture wars. Democrats need to join in and fight on the side of the American people and against these deviants, and hollywood elitists.

Republicans have abandoned the battlefield and honestly are a joke. They are losing elections and ceding the culture war in civil society to the secular humanists.

That leaves the majority party. My party. The Democrats to make some distinctions and erect some barriers so that we can vindicate the principles of free speech while still promoting a healthy society.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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