Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Conservatives failed the American People

Republicans and Conservatives have failed to present the valid case for traditional values throughout America. This is the case on numerous issues: being against gay marriage, fighting the degradation of standards in popular culture, the proliferation of the abortion culture, and on and on.

As a newliberal, I look at each issue and try to determine what is actually in the best interest of America. And on these issues, Conservatives either have a very good case to make or are actually right on the issues. However, they've failed to pursue a strategy to identify the problem and offer common sense solutions. That is why we need a newliberal movement in this country.

1. We should stand not only against gay marriage as an affront to our traditonal values, but also fighting against the attempt to link the issue to civil rights. The radical left is successfully presenting the issue in terms of human rights, and making it appear inevitable that they will win full "equality". We should define this issue in terms of the ability of good people to define morality, and to draw bright lines that we won't cross. There is no logical reason why marriage shouldn't be extended to others currently being "discriminated" against if gay marriage is allowed. The gay rights lobby know this but since they control the media, the viewpoint is not fairly presented. We should tolerate people of different orientation and lifestyle as long as it's lawful and not harmful to others, but we don't have a moral obligation to accept them and change our culture.

2. We need to find ways to address the pervasive violence, crude humor, inappropriate language, and other obscenity that is available on television, radio, the internet, etc. There are so many arenas that are constantly spewing filth. As democrats we should use the bully pulpit to shame them into having higher standards, and proper disclosure. In addition, we need to find ways to encourage the marketplace to produce better art and a more pristine civil society.

I will have more on these topics in the days to come.

I am happy that Senator Obama will be our next President.
He has the chance as a perceived liberal democrat to address some of these cultural issues in a constructive way.

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