Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 most undercovered topics of 2008 election

5. How Hillary Clinton dominated this whole election season. It was Hillary's failures that allowed an Obama rise to become possible. She had bad staff hire, she and her team didn't know the nomination rules, and they made bad decisions. Also, Hillary could have "half-stepped" and made a McCain victory likely today. However, my faith in her was vindicated in defeat rather than in her victory. I still think Hillary was the best candidate for President.

4. Iraq War - Yes that war! Ever since it has become managed more successfully, the news media has failed to cover the topic. How much money is being spent, what is going right, what doing the Iraqi people want. How much credit does President Bush deserve for getting it right/ or How much blame does the President still deserve from initial errors? I think if you would have blamed the President for failure, he deserved equally intense credit for success.

3. Re-election efforts of William Jefferson - who was caught with $90,000 cash in a freezer. He is crooked, and should lose his seat in Congress. Democrats should have forced him to resign.

2. Complete Democratic Control if Obama wins. Though I support Democrats running Washington, this is a complete and drastic change from the past 14 years. I wonder how many people really want this outcome. Nonetheless, hopefully Democrats do a good job addressing problems in a rational manner.

1. Proposition 8 in California- a proposed constitutional amendament made necessary because the California Supreme Court overturned the will of 61% voters just a few years earlier. We need to decide what it means that the voters have to undo something they previously rejected, and if they are unsuccessful, what does that mean. I hope the voters pass this propostion.

Craig Farmer
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