Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top 5 decisions on 2008 Election Day

Here are the top 5 important decisions that voters in various parts of our nation will decide, and what the correct really is:

5. U.S. Senate - Nationwide Americans should elect at least 55 Democrats which will be enough for an effective majority but force cooperation to reach 60 votes to end cloture on important votes.

4. House of Representatives - Nationwide Americans should elect at least 240 Democrats

3. Colorado Civil Rights Initiative - Voters should reject a ban on affirmative action so as to allow for specific programs that are truly in the public's best interest.

2. California Proposition 8 - Golden State voters should reaffirm their 2000 vote to maintain the traditional definition of marriage and eliminate the judicially imposed right of same sex couples to wed.

1. Presidential Election - Senator Obama should be our 44th President.

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