Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hollywood ratings need to be accurate

Over at mydd, I address needed reforms of the television rating system:

I know must of us here are focused on the daily horse race.
But according to the gallup poll Obama has been between
48 - 51 for 11 straight days
and McCain has been between42 - 44 for 11 straight days.
I think we can take a break until something happens to change these dynamics, and talk about governing and how to improve our great country.---We need to address the way the people who run Hollywood are degrading our culture.
Here's my example today:
THIS PROGRAM IS RATED "g" for Everyone: King of Queens "Swim Neighbors" episode.
Yet, the first scene shows Doug and Carrie in bed during a thunderstorm. Carrie is reading and says,
Doug: "Boy, that storm is nasty out there, Let's do something nasty in here".
Carrie:"I'm reading"
Doug:"You won't even know I'm there"
After the power goes out, Carrie tells Doug to get a flashlight, but then the camera shows Doug fondling Carrie's underwear.
---Barack Obama and Democrats should promote legislation to have standards for ratings, and make them truly appropriate for the title.
A "G" rated show should be able to be watched by everyone from Grandma to toddlers in the same room at the same time, with no "cringing" moments.
We all do and should support free speech, but we have an obligation to protect the minds of young people, and also to have a civil society that we can count on.
Unfortunately we have allowed Republicans (when they choose to) to own these type of issues, and label these type of proposals as "conservative".
Yet, all I'm proposing is to mandate that the ratings be accurate to any reasonable person. This respects everyone and harms no one. That should be the goal of liberalism. To find ways to improve America where everyone wins.
Craig Farmermaking the word "liberal" safe again!

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