Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lieberman speech was hypocritical

Lieberman Says He Supports McCain Because Country Trumps Party

Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000, said he's supporting Republican presidential candidate John McCain because ``country matters more than party.''

Senator Lieberman was speaking to a crowd of people who routinely put their party before country. The latest example is accepting an unqualified nominee for Vice President. As a matter of normal business, they are doing the exact same thing that Lieberman (rightfully) criticizes the Democrats for doing.

I understand that Senator Lieberman has identified national security as the most important issue, and found that Obama and the Democrat's point of view severely lacking and actually dangerous for the country. Fine. Because of that, Lieberman supports McCain over Obama. Fine. But why go a step further and speak to a convention of Republicans who if they had their wish, wouldn't have chosen McCain except that he was their least worst choice. These are Republican partisans who put their party first.

Those are the choices, Republicans who put their party first, or Democrats who put their party first.

Stop trying to act as though McCain is going to change that. He won't. In the past he might have, but to get the Republican nomination he had to change into a regular Republican.

Evidence of that is that Lieberman or others (who were unacceptable to the Republican base) weren't picked as the Vice Presidential nominee. Also, remember he had to change his immigration position. He had to change his drilling position. etc.

So in the end result, we have Democrat Obama, and Republican McCain.
Both have flaws. Both pander to their parties.
Joe Lieberman dis-respected his party by implying otherwise tonight.

He chooses McCain.
I chose Obama.

Craig Farmer
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