Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House of Representatives votes in favor of 2nd amendment

House votes to ease gun control in D.C. based on Heller Decision

The House today passed a bill that would scrap almost all locally imposed gun control rules in the District, voting 266 to 152 on a measure that goes well beyond a recent Supreme Court decision that upheld the right of the city's residents to own handguns.

The bill now goes to the Senate, where its future is uncertain. With just over a week to go in the legislative session, the Senate might not have the time, or the votes, to pass the law. The White House has said that it backs the measure.
The bill would severely limit city officials' ability to enact any future measure that goes beyond the firearms restrictions in federal law. The House acted a day after the D.C. Council passed its own emergency legislation that lifted some of the restrictions that gun rights advocates found objectionable.
The House bill was introduced by Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.) after the Supreme Court struck down the city's 32-year-old handgun ban in June. The Supreme Court found that the city's law was so restrictive that it violated the Second Amendment.
The House bill would abolish the city's gun registration requirements and allow residents to own semiautomatic pistols and rifles. It also would allow District residents to buy guns in Virginia and Maryland and would prohibit the council from taking any action to "discourage or eliminate" private ownership or use of firearms.

I'm conflicted on this issue because both sides are so political it is difficult to get accurate facts.
If as I suspect a law-abiding citizen is more likely to use a gun to hurt (them)selves, a family member, or some other unlawful use rather than self-protection; I am against this law.

However, if the facts show that guns deter crime from occurring in the first place, in addition to be a net positive in our society, I'd be for it.

As it stands, no one is willing to be honest so I'm going with my gut which is to be against the widespread of guns. Though I'm sure the sponsors are well-intended and can obviously help in many indivdidual circumstances, as a society we are better off by keeping as many guns off the streets as possible.

Craig Farmer
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