Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's most important Poll number!

Over 26 million people watched Hillary speak at the Democratic Convention:

Here's the latest:
1) Hillary's night (26.0 million viewers) had higher ratings than Michelle's night (22.3 million viewers).2) African Americans continue to watch the convention in a higher proportion than the rest of the population (the African American rating, or percentage of the African American population watching, was 12.7 vs. a 9.0 for the population as a whole)3) Almost five times as many people (26.0 million) watched Day Two coverage in 2008 vs. Day Two in 2004 (5.9 million) when only the cable networks covered the convention.

This seems proof to me that Hillary should have been the Vice Presidential nominee.
While Joe Biden was the most qualified person to run for President this year, and certainly fits the bill for VP, Hillary deserved the slot. Hopefully this will work out for her in the future.

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