Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today's most important poll number!

Bush approval number:


approve 33
disapporve 61

Once you realize that there is a sizable number of people who voted twice for George Bush, voted Democratic in 2006 and are currently leaning towards Obama, it lets you know that people aren't that rational in their politics. The gap between Obama and the Democrats' policies and President Bush is extremely large. It is impossible for this many people to think through their voting patterns and come to this conclusion in such a small period of time.

What this should tell political pros is that the American public is fickle and alogical. As policy thinkers we should strive to do what's best and then make the best political argument for it.

Anyone who cites poll numbers as a reason for anything is either shortsighted or not a true a believer because poll numbers can change.

President Bush rose to over 80 percent approval after 9/11; was re-elected with over 45 percent approval and now has hovered really low in this second term.

In general, I respect the President's determination to do what he thinks is right.
My major complaint is that on the issue that I agree with him in theory was Private School Vouchers. His plan was very timid: for poor children in failing schools (as defined by the government); while I want Universal Vouchers for Everyone. But the President ran on vouchers and was going in the right direction and then gave them up rather quickly even with a Republican Majority in Congress. It makes me think he didn't really believe in helping these children. That's a shame. He's in good company with Democrats on that one.

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