Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin should withdraw from race

Barack Obama is not qualified to be President of the United States, but he very well could be in the near future. Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is not qualified to be Vice President or President, and it is not reasonable to expect she will be any time soon.

Senator Obama has a clear worldview that is rooted in the intellectual left of the Democratic Party. Agree or Disagree with him, Obama continues a well known tradition that has extended through Al Gore and John Kerry. While I might disagree with many of his tenets, I must respect that Senator Obama has studied the issues, has opinions, and is smart enough to take advice and make good decisions.

I determined that Senator Obama is not qualified because he hasn't done what most others have. Fair enough. Sarah Palin appears to not have put the time or effort into developing serious points of views on various issues. If she is hiding them, that is irresponsible, if she doesn't have them it is unbelievable McCain chose them.

The Democrats started this whole problem by not demanding their candidate have demonstrated expertise. But all of us suspect Obama could easily become qualified.

Not so with Gov. Palin. We don't know, and have no reason to be otherwise.

Senator McCain, you stopped Obama's momentum from the Democratic Convention, now withdraw Palin and submit your real Vice Presidential nominee.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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