Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Biden in trouble of losing

Over at mydd, I explain the difficult situation we are in as democrats, and what we can do to win the November election:

That said, I support Obama-Biden 2008 and have solutions that can help Democrats sweep into office in 2009:
1. Offer a mend it-don't end it update to Affirmative Action that says:
move away from racial preferences towards a needs based agenda in most areas.
still support affirmative action where there is a historical need for diversity in positions of power.
So this would mean no race based AA for colleges, jobs, etc.Instead use economics, life circumstances. (In most cases, the most neediest of minorities would still get a preference, but so too would many whites).
Also it would mean we would continue to have AA for top jobs like College Presidents, Leadership training programs, Military, government jobs, business loans/programs, etc.
Most people understand we need our leaders to truly represent the population in as many ways as possible, but they also understand that on a daily - everyday level, race doesn't factor into the lives of many people and it is unfair to have any preferences there.
We need to make it clear that we understand that America is a good place today, way better than it used to be, and is on path to eliminate the need for any race based remedies in the next generation.
2. Support "real change" in a policy way. I have advocated this from the primary. It can be on any number of topics. Obama-Biden need to break away from at least one of the Democratic constituency groups and show that they represent a "new" approach.
I propose
a. Universal School Vouchers. Not means tested, but for everyone. People who want to support the public schools can take their voucher there. It can be coupled with INCREASED educational spending so people can't argue there would be a money drain on the public school.
A real drilling plan that creates jobs in America. Challenge the private sector to use American technology to do it safely.
This coupled with plans for Alternative Fuels would be good for America and good politics.
Set a goal for more energy production within 2 years, and Energy Independence in 8 years using alternatives and fossil fuels.
3.Find a way to get the Clintons invested in an Obama victory. They both like McCain and are comfortable with the Democrats controlling the Congress and a McCain White House.
Obama should:a. explicitly apologize to Bill for his supporters attack on Clinton.
b. work with Clinton on the above Affirmative Action policyc. support HRC for Majority Leader in the Senate, and allow HRC to have veto over domestic policy.d. allow Bill Clinton to have veto over foreign policy
I realize the word "veto" is strong, but Obama must convince both of them, that an Obama admin. would be a 3rd Clinton admin.
e. make it clear that Bill Clinton modernized the Dem party and America and made it possible for him to run/win.
3. Strongly oppose the California Supreme Court decision, and strongly support traditional marriage. Even though it appears to be popular in California, failure to stand up to this will lose key states.
---This next week won't matter one bit in November. We're in trouble again on the Presidential level.But we have plenty of time to offer America a positive agenda, and install Democrats as a true majority party.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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