Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bush moves left on Environment

President moving towards Democrats on Global Warming

RUSUTSU, Japan July 8--The United States joined its allies Tuesday in committing for the first time to try to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050, as the Group of Eight major industrialized nations approved a plan aimed at spurring a new worldwide treaty to limit global warming

In a statement, President Bush and the other G-8 leaders said they would work with other countries to "consider and adopt" the 50-percent reductions as part of a new United Nations treaty to be negotiated in Copenhagen at the end of 2009. The leaders made it clear in their statement that they expect such developing countries as China and India, whose economies are also major polluters, to play a role in reducing emissions.

Democrats should stop attacking the President when he is coming over to their side. Accept what he gives, and then try to improve on it. I doubt there is much we can or should do in terms of global warming, but it is a good area to work together with other nations and a chance for both political parties to work together.

We should use our efforts to spread wealth, and good moral values. Also we should dedicate ourselves to using technology for the good of mankind. Therefore the value in the world-wide effort to curb global warming is more in the process and the activity than the actual project.

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