Friday, June 27, 2008

Houston Pitcher deserves no Pay

Shawn Chacon is currently being waived by Houston, which means he can be claimed by any other team who promises to pay him his current negotiated salary. If not, Houston plans to cancel his contract for Cause. The cause is that he acted like an idiot and physically attacked his boss. At the moment, the Baseball Union is promising to fight for Chacon's right to get paid, even though he clearly violated the contract. If Chacon can blatantly break the rules and still get paid, then really there aren't any rules. Also, if he wins that will signal to management that the Union is not acting in good faith, and may spur an all-out war in terms of both sides trying to manipulate the system in their favor. It would be fitting for the contract to be voided, and Chacon be suspended by MLB. After that, if his skills warrant, maybe someone will give him another chance. However, there must be consequences for bad behavior. There always are, but it is a matter of whether we willing embrace it or not. The MLB players' union should shock the world and support common sense, this way when they are correct it will be easier to take their position.

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