Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Public financing is so bad.

Over at mydd, I explain why Democrats should support freedom rather than government regulation when it comes to campaign financing:

Full disclosure: I am constantly trying to convince my fellow democratic party members to advocate freedom rather than government regulation as much as possible. Thefore I don't support any restrictions on campaign donations from American citizens. I urge full disclosure in a timely manner.
Yet, many in our party, especially those on the HARD left want Public financing of political elections. It is my understanding that BOTH Senators support Public financing over a private system.
Yet, if we had Public financing in this Primary, Barack Obama would not have a chance to win. And that would be bad.
Barack Obama is on the verge of being the democratic frontrunner for 1 reason alone. No it's not the unprecedented media coverage.
Senator Obama and Senator Clinton both have raised enormous sums of money, BUT where Senator Obama outpaces her is in NEW DONORS and the facts will show it will turn out mostly to be thousands of AFRICAN AMERICANS giving in small amounts that is the difference.
This has allowed him to organize in every caucus and Primary state, whereas Clinton has had to husband her resources for the "important" states. Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, Alaska, etc. are all places where money trumps all. The end result is that Senator Obama has put together all of the states that no one focused on and has neutralized big losses in key states like California, New Jersey, and elsewhere.
If everyone had an equal amount of money, he wouldn't have been able to do this and would be well behind at this point.
THIS WAS THE CLINTON TEAM'S CALCULATION.... click through to see the rest

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