Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary either fight to win or quit

In the last few days I jumped back on to the Titantic. I'm not jumping off again, but I will tell everyone who will listen about the Iceberg.

Under present circumstances there is NO WAY Hillary can win this nomination.

She must change the dynamics NOW.

The idea that Hillary can withstand another round of defeats in Hawaii and Wisiconsin is Guiliani type thinking.

It is so distressing that people whom I respect as great thinkers are so conventional and fatalistic in their outlook.

Where's the Clinton machine? Where are the smart people?

Well, Here I am:

1. Take every dollar you have and take it to Wisconsin. There is no way you won't either win or come REALLY CLOSE. Americans love an underdog story, and they are pre-disposed to liking you if you give them the opportunity.

Texas, Ohio and other states won't matter if you get blown out in Wisconsin. You must become the Comeback Kid from Wisconsin.

A win or nail-biter in Wisconsin will be MORE VALUABLE in Texas and Ohio than weeks of campaigning and organizing. It's called MOMEMTUM. If you lose big in Wisconsin, the race is over.

2. Choose a slogan that both defines your campaign and attacks Obama's theme at the same time, I suggest:

You can hope it's True all you want! America deserves results!

3. Attack both in paid advertising and surrogates, 2 big lies:

a. Obama was not always against the war, he voted for millions of funds for it, and ....
(all the other evidence)
b. Obama does not have a universal healthcare plan

4. promote your 2 big ideas:

a. Freeze on home foreclosures and interest rates
b. universal healthcare

The media which is 80 percent against you, will become 100% against you. The Democratic insiders will turn against you even more than they have, BUT the people will see that you really WANT TO WIN.

I backed you because I thought you'd do ANYTHING to win because you loved our party and country so much.

President Clinton overcame Impeachment, and countless scandals to become one of the most popular ex-Presidents. Think of how it was in January of 1998 and everyone counted you OUT.
Back then, you stood against everyone and won. It can be done again.

Your legacy will be determined BEFORE Ohio and Texas. It will be based on whether you were


6 days left in this campaign.

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