Saturday, February 2, 2008

Clinton-Obama 2008

Over at mydd, I explain that I think this campaign is over, and Hillary will be our nominee:

There are three days left until the Super Tuesday election. Thank God I'm alive in America as an African American at this time.
For me, no more campaign. I think the race is over. While it is competitive and may get uncomfortably close, Hillary Clinton will be the 44th President of the United states.
Our ticket should be Clinton - Obama. Until the Primary is officially conceded, I will simply offer positive reasons in support of Hillary Clinton, so as not to denigrate our next Vice President.
Why Hillary? (no order)
1. She has the experience to be a great President hillary-clinton-experience-timeline.html
2. She look, acts, and is Presidential.
3. The Clinton machine is very good at politics
4. She has a vision to achieve a basically liberal America that maintains strong values.5. She is deep-down in her soul a fighter: for her marriage, for herself, and for this great country.
I like and respect all of the above about Hillary Clinton. I look forward to the next four years of pushing her and democrats towards more newliberal ideas that are based on evidence and not ideology. We need to support:
* vouchers and market-place education reform
criminal justice reform that attacks violent crime and de-emphasizes "victimless crimes" like private drug use and gambling
a more open-minded hollywood and music industry that isn't trying to convince America of a leftwing agenda
universal healthcare and retirement accounts using a free-market
being 100% pro-choice while continuing work to reduce actual abortions*an assault on poverty and inequity so that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed*measures to promote marriage and discourage divorce
In the 1990's the Clintons did a good job in the White House of advancing many good causes under difficult circumstances:
among others...
*They changed the trajectory of America with their effort to save Affirmative Action and promote Diversity.*They ushered in a new lexicon for liberal democrats to communicate with the public on economic matters*They promoted an intellectual approach to issues that was easy for average Americans to grasp.
I expect even more from Hillary Clinton.
Now is the time to work as hard as we can to make history by having the first female President, and first African American Vice-President.

Barack Obama may make close but he will fall short of the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton should choose Senator Obama to be our Vice Presidential nominee. In the coming weeks, I will advocate for that position.

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