Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why Hillary will win Iowa

You might think my Hillary prediction is simple hope and ignoring the pro-Obama media tilt, and the DMR, Zogby and other final polls showing a second and third place finish, right? Well here's why Hillary is poised for a:

Hillary 36
Edwards 32
Obama 30
Richardson 2


1. Hillary has the best Iowa operatives working for her especially Tereas Vilman

2. I think the DMR's assumptions are wrong, and then Zogby and others copied them for cover.

November 2004 final Iowa election poll:

Zogby 50 45 for Kerry
DMR 48 45 for Kerry

Everyone, and I mean everyone from the media, to the other candidates are just hoping for an Obama win so this race can continue. But the people of Iowa will have a different conclusion.

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