Wednesday, January 2, 2008

History of Iowa Caucus voter turnout

Democratic turnout for past Iowa Caucus

1988 120,000 (Gephardt, Simon,Dukaksis,Babbit)
1992 no totals found (In-state Senator Harkin won easily)
1996 50,000 (President Clinton running unopposed)
2000 59,331 (Gore, Bradley)
2004 124,331 (Kerry,Edwards,Dean,Gephardt)

The above results show that with more people to choose from in the population, a better informed electorate with cable t.v. and the internet, and an electorate supposedly angry over the Iraq War, Democrats only had about 4,000 more participants in 2004 than in 1988. To compare 2004 to 2000 is not a good one because there were only two candidates in 2000 and the race was pretty much Gore's to lose. 1988 is the better comparison. I don't buy this large influx of independent and Republican voters.

My estimate 140,000.

Hillary Wins.

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