Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leadership on the economy matters

Hillary Clinton was the first Democratic Candidate to offer a plan to help the ailing economy:

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday called for Congress to pass an economic stimulus package that could cost as much as $110 billion to help low-income families keep their homes, to subsidize heating costs this winter and perhaps refund some taxes.

The Democratic presidential hopeful, on a two-day swing through this key Feb. 5 primary state, called on Congress to work with the White House to pass a $70 billion injection into the economy and perhaps follow with another $40 billion in tax refunds.
The New York senator has said she fears a recession, although she and aides refused to label the current conditions that, instead calling it "a really troubled economic time." Advisers said they wanted to inject funds into the economy, targeting "people who are more likely to go to the store and spend it."
Clinton economic adviser Gene Sperling said the stimulus package would help lower-income families who traditionally save less than those with higher incomes.

This is an important development that Hillary Clinton is leading on such an important issue. the New Hampshire win has energized the campaign environment, and the team should now be poised to win by Feb. 5th. It should be noted however, that this writer supports a sustained assault on Obama's record before he can regenerate momentum.

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