Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hillary proves hard work wins

The Hillary Clinton campaign is fighting hard to win in her own state of New York. They aren't taking anything for granted. It is important that they maintain high expectations both in New York and nationwide. That is an essential ingredient in any success. From the New York Times it appears the campaign is in fighting mode:

New York Times

“Even though there’s no question in my mind that Hillary can do a better job, we’re dealing with a lot of emotion and racial pride, and he’s proven himself to be a credible candidate already,” Mr. Rangel said."
This from an African American leader who is doing a great job.

While Mrs. Clinton’s supporters say they are certain she will win the state and, with it, the bulk of its 281 delegates, they acknowledge that to keep Mr. Obama from running even a close second, she may have to invest more precious time and money here. Twenty-one other states, including New Jersey and Connecticut, also hold primaries on Feb. 5.
This is totally the correct attitude, and will be a reason for nationwide victory

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