Monday, January 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton's plan to victory

Hillary Clinton will win this Democratic nomination if she really wants to, AND SHE:

1. Declares without a doubt that she will fight for every delegate until the "the last dog dies". She should leak to the media that anyone who wants to jump ship and switch to Obama TODAY gets amnesty before tomorrow's vote. That means she won't hold it against them if she ultimately wins the nomination . BUT if they leave her after NH during her assault on Barack, they are cut off.

2. Take 3 or 4 issues, and mount a long sustained attack on Obama in ads, surrogates, mailers, etc. Accept the media hit to your favorables, and swamp him. Openly declare,"he can't be elected", don't leave it to the voters because they are too young or smitten to figure it out.
3. Go around the nation, collect delegates and win a ground war.
after you win

4. Put Obama on your ticket and set him up as your successor.

I posted while the polls were relatively close, that if they weren't trending toward Hillary by Monday, NH and SC were gone.
So unless a big scandal hits today, they are lost.
The key is to publicize and execute a plan that inspires supporters like me. The way to do that is to convince me you will fight for the nomination. That was the main reason I supported Hillary Clinton. No other candidate present or past would have a chance against Obama today, but Hillary does.
If Hillary wins, this is the kind of press she will get for 4 years, so stop whining about it. Wear it as a badge of honor, and beat them down.

Let's go.

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