Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary Clinton will win New Hampshire today

I have to believe that at some point the mainstream media's convential wisdom will be completely wrong. Yes, I believe in science, and the general validity of polls. But there has to be some election that EVERYONE says is going one way the night before, that simply doesn't.

Hillary Clinton could make history today with a historic upset in the New Hampshire Primary. By all accounts, I am the only one even pondering the question. Yet, if that really was the case, why not cancel the vote and save thousands of dollars of money holding the election. Why lose all of the productivity of workers taking time off to vote?

By definition this is truly a longshot. But Stanford beat USC as a 40 point underdog. The Colorado Rockies were down to their last strike in MLB from not making the playoffs, came back and made it to the World Series.

What if independently, thousands of voters all had second thoughts? Today is a question of the possible.

Hillary, work your hardest today, and make it happen.

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