Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Democratic Immigration Plan

1. Secure the borders with national guard, private securtiy, and volunteers. Set a goal that there will be no illegal border crossings anywhere in the United States. Use 2008 technology including satellite, tracking, virtual fences, etc.

2. Pass a law saying children of illegal immigrants are not United States citizens and will not ever be no matter where they are born.

3. Ban illegal immigrants from using any non-emergency public benefits or service. This includes education, health care, welfare, etc. They would only have access to the emergency room.

4. Pass law requiring employers to have a valid legal identification card for every worker, contractor, or sub-contractor they use. The penalty would be a large fine for every infraction.

5. Increase the legal immigrant quotas to fit the workforce needs of the U.S.

6. There will be no legalization plan for those here illegally whatsoever.

The end result of this plan would be for some illegal immigrants to leave because they can't find work or get welfare, and their children wouldn't get educated or healthcare. They would have to go home and apply just like everyone else. As they leave their jobs, there would be an influx of legal immigrants and other Americans there to take their place. For those who think the above is harsh, how is it not harsh on the people in countries around the world who have followed the law? These people want to feed their family also, and educate their kids too. The principle should be that there shouldn't be any benefit to breaking the law, whether it was done yesterday, one year, five years, or even longer. The U.S. is a great country because we are always trying to perfect ourselves. We should take our instinct to help others and make sure we do so in a way that protects our nation and its' vibrant future.

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