Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Clinton poised to sweep nomination

It was important that Hillary Clinton contest each state. It was also significant that she had good competition from the Democratic field. Now as the Iowa Caucus is scheduled to begin in less than 35 hours, Hillary has begun the process of domination. Domination is better than winning a race that was inevitable. It will be the result of going door to door, winning the votes of important people in the neighborhoods, and having the best staff on Caucus night. Hillary will win Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

This won't sit well with the media so all of you Hillary fans don't expect an apology for the horrible coverage. Expect the members of the MSM to resent being proven wrong by the voters. We should use these last 35 hours before the Caucus to get mentally tough, focus on victory, and bring it home. Once Hillary becomes President it will be a war every day of her first term. So it might as well start now. I predict:

Hillary 36
Edwards 32
Obama 30
Richardson 2

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