Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clinton has lead in delegates

The New York Times shows how Senator Clinton has a lead among unpledged delegates:

Three weeks into the presidential nominating process, many of the unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention are still undecided, but more who have made up their minds are expressing support for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton than for Senator Barack Obama, according to a survey by The New York Times and CBS News.
If the penalties imposed on Florida and Michigan stand, there will be 796 unpledged delegate votes cast at the Democratic National Convention in August. These delegates, not bound by any state elections, are commonly called superdelegates and include all of the members of the Democratic National Committee and elected officials like members of Congress and governors.
In an indication of where Democratic Party leaders are leaning, the telephone survey of the party’s superdelegates found about one-third of them undecided, 25 percent favoring Mrs. Clinton and about 10 percent supporting Mr. Obama. In an earlier survey completed by The Times and CBS News in November, more of the party leaders were undecided, though they supported Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Obama then as well.

Even though this process seems to favor Senator Clinton right now, and presumably this whole nominating year, I disagree with it. The Party should nominate the Candidate who wins the votes from registered Democrats. We don't need, and shouldn't have a super-delegate process. The main purpose, as I understand it is to make sure the voters don't mess up and nominate another McGovern. I trust the people enough that if they want a loser, they can get one. If they want a winner,they can get one. I hope the super-delegates never have a deciding role against the voters' wishes.

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