Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hillary supporters, we must weather the msm storm

To supporters of Senator Clinton,

Hi, I know it feels lonely right now, but this is part of the process of proving that Senator Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

By my count there aren't any "objective" msm pundits who are offering support at this moment. In the past few weeks the negative - positive ratio of stories concerning Hillary has to be 15 - 0.5 against. Of course Obama's is almost exactly reversed.

Yet, we are inevitable if we persist.

The media's candidate never wins. I'm defining the MSM's candidate as the one who gets the most uncriticial coverage for extended periods of time.

We need to focus on a 50 state strategy of asking every American for their vote. Also Hillary needs to continue to maintain as much integrity as possible by not pandering to the constituency groups in our party.

Obama has the advantage of being able to pander and not be subjected to negative scrutiny by the pundits.

The media will get bored of him at some point and return to some semblence of fairness.

Then we will win because Hillary is clearly the most qualified candidate.

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