Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Congressional Dems get and stay on offense

It is difficult Reading about the end game for bills in congress this year. The party is completely without direction and playing defense both to congressional republicans and the President.

Here's what we need: A clear plan that we will push forward 100%. Something we are willing to take to the voters as a mattter of good principle and good policy. This way when we win we will have won a mandate. If we lose it would have been done for the right reasons.

My suggestions:

1. Fully fund the Iraq war for the next year through the elections with no more votes on the topic. Specifically authorize the Pentagon to shift funds from other areas in an emergency situation. We should set reachable benchmarks such as a maintaining a sustained peace as is going on now. Declare victory over the terrorists, transform peacekeeping to the UN and withdraw in victory. Democrats should define victory, acheive it, and withdraw.

2. Fully fund all domestic priorities including earmarks.

3. Fix the Alternative Minimum Tax problem.

4. Offer a mortgage relief program for struggling homeowners.

Put all of this in an omnibus bill. Negotiate with Republicans on spending and other items beforehand to get as many on-board as possible. Pass it in the House. Then make sure its' up or down in the Senate. If they filibuster or the President vetoes, take it to the People. Refuse to pass a Continuing resolution.

The country would survive, and we would have a clear statement of our priorities:

cut taxes, mortage relief, fund the troops, fully fund our priorities.

We need to get used to winning, and using our power wisely.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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