Monday, November 12, 2007

recipe for Republican victory:be truly against gays/stop pandering

As a yellow dog, I wish the Dem nominee would say the following but she won't because my party is beholden to too many left-wing special interest groups.


I still have hope for the Republicans. If you speak the following, then maybe I'd vote Republican. Probably not, but either way its' best for America:

1. People should not have sex out of wedlock. If they do, and the woman gets pregnant, the couple should get and stay married.

2. We should find ways to encourage people to stay married, for example, demand that a couple would have to convince a judge why they shouldn't have to pay back any tax benefits received in the marriage if they want a no - fault divorce.

3. It is abnormal, strange, and wrong to engage in homosexual behavior.

I like to use the analogy that I'm against people who eat cats and dogs. While some may say it is similar to me eating cows, chickens and fish, I disagree. We have a right to define our culture and determine what is right/wrong and good/bad. While we won't discriminate against them, nor will celebrate and normalize their behavior.

4. The govt. should guarantee access to education but not deliver it. "Public Schools" shouldonly be used as a last resort. Even then, there should be much more local control down to the neighborhood level. Not the state, county, or even city. The key is that we need as many people as possible making the best decisions for their own children rather than a centrally planned system that must group people together for the sake of the "system". There should be Universal school vouchers to develop a market place in education. Education should be closer to our food, where we can go to any number of grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. to eat. The govt. has certain rules to for safety and honesty but otherwise stays out of the process.

5. . Demand all of these people in Hollywood stop attacking our values in t.v. commercials, t.v. shows, movies, etc. Use the bully pulpit to celebrate the good in America, and reject the cynical, and negative portrayals that are promoted by the leftists. The examples are endless but everyone knows that a parent is in danger watching t.v. with his kids these days.

Absent the above, I'm voting for Hillary because I'm a Dem and I like her.

Craig Farmer

making the word "liberal" safe again!

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