Saturday, November 10, 2007

Democrats should support Univeral vouchers

The Democratic party should be bold, and offer educational solutions that match the 21st century opportunity we have.

First of all, there should be a constitutional amendment guaranteeing every American citizen to a quality education.

However, the government should not be involved in the delivery of education except as a last resort where both the private sector and civil society has failed. Even then, at the earliest possible time, we should transfer the responsibility away from the government.

The reason local, county, state, or fed. govt. is not good at delivering education is that a few individuals planning for thousands and millions of students is inheritently flawed. There are too many variations in the needs of our student population.

The best solution is for a responsible adult to choose the correct educational setting for each child.

The govt.'s job should be to guarantee access, and fight fraud.

There will be problems with oversight and criminals trying to steal public money, but the end result is that parents will be in charge. Right where they should be.

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