Saturday, July 29, 2017

Democrats who dissappointed

I'm a yellow dog democrat.  I say that even though I support traditional marriage and am against gay rights.  I say that even though I am not a leftist ideologue, but rather an independent thinker.  I rationally have concluded that Democrats are the best choice for America.  And then I vote for them! Organize for them! And also try to make the party better.

Right now, we need to reconnect to traditional values more so than advancing any particular policy.  Democrats are the minority party at all levels because Republicans are much more in tune with Middle America, and the politics that are necessary to move us forward. 

When Republicans do talk marriage (no often) they speak of a man and a woman.
When we talk marriage we focus more on gays than the rest.

Even though this is basically a pro-choice nation, normal Americans don't celebrate the right to an abortion like many on the left.  It's a necessary evil that should be tolerated if not ignored in polite society.  So even if Republicans are wrong, they have the right approach.

Democrats celebrate so many minority groups/view points/ realities while ignoring the strength and dignity of regular everyday Americans.

All of the above has led to President Trump, Republican Congress, and Republican control of the majority of states.

If you read all of my posts over the years, you'll get a good sense of how a liberal Democratic party can become the governing majority.  We must excise the extremist left and also pursue common sense policies and reforms that make our country better.

One of them is having a strong morality.  Calling out our own when they have let us down, and not supporting them until the bitter end.  Instead we should strive to stand on universal moral principles and be proud of what we've advocated regardless of the specific situation.

In my political lifetime: 1992 - 
Here are the Democrats that have disappointed me:

Bill Clinton:  His behavior with women is abhorrent.  There is credible evidence that he raped Juanita Broaddrick.  And I believe he did mostly because she says he did, and he doesn't refute her directly.  This is something we should not get past ever.   He shamefully treated many other women including Monica Lewinsky.  He lied in so many places that his word is taken for granted as no good.   Democrats should not embrace him as a great President.  We can embrace good things that he stood for and helped accomplish, while even in times when it's not necessary, state that the party and country are better than his moral values. 

Saving medicare/Medicaid from Republicans; chip program; foster a good economy; preparing country for internet revolution; promoting African Americans; women's rights, etc. 

STILL  Character counts.

John Edwards:  He was cheating on his wife.  That's bad.  He did so when she was sick. That's worse.  He also misused funds to cover this up.  That's criminal.  Similar to President Clinton, Edwards did a lot of good.  But as a party we can't abdicate morality to others.  It's on us to try to find people who know better and can do better.

Anthony Weiner:  He has been caught numerous times sexting and doing embarrassing things on his phone and online.  He was a serious person, with a great future.  He eventually became part of the reason Hillary Clinton lost to Trump; as he was caught up in fbi investigations and emails.  He should have shown some respect and stayed away from DNC convention, and in general got out of the spotlight for the past few years.  Instead he ran for mayor, and after losing became a side show.

Robert Toricelli
Bob Menendez
Jesse Jackson jr.
Rob Blagoyaveth

It goes on and on.

We all sin. We all make mistakes.

We don't have to try to continue in public life.  Bring the party down with us.  Hurt the country.

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