Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Put America first!

It's been generally dismaying that after the US Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to deny gay marriage, not one candidate is making traditional marriage the centerpiece of their campaign.  The democrats agree with changing marriage definitions for the worst, and the Reoublicans have just added a phrase to their stump speech.  Not even a full sentence most times.  And even in that it's about appointing judges "to interpret the Constituion as it was originally intended". Code words. When our nation needs bold leadership.  Stats wise all the good: financial, health, happiness, security... is positively associated with traditional marriage.  While divorce and never been married status is clearly worse.  Not only do we need to defend marriage from redefinition, we need to rebuild it from the divorce culture, and decades of attacks from all sides especially the media.  Ironically, it is the Democratic frontrunner who through her life choices and example promotes traditional marriage. While the Republican frontrunner has participated in marriage destruction.  Trump has been married 3 times.

Vote for Hillary.

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