Saturday, August 8, 2015

love and Hip Hop is good for black community

You might think how a ratchet franchise such as Love and Hip Hop can actually be good for the black community?  Well first you have to acknowledge that the left wingers who control television are determined to transform America (including the black community) in a secular progressive way that is very destructive. They want to feminine and emasculate men while empowering women in limited ways.  They seek to delegitimize religion, and generally promote a society with less judgement of bad behavior.  Yes, Love and Hip Hop furthers these goals on the surface, that's how it's on VH1.  If the show openly  promoted traditional marriage and high standards, it wouldn't be on tv.  But in a twisted way it actually does!  The people on these shows aspire to healthy relationships,   They constantly try to better themselves, and a couple have even went from the show to the top of the music charts (Omarion and K Michelle).  In today's world  a tv show is actually a step up to hold high standards at ANY time.  That these "characters" routinely fall WAY short of their ideals, and wind up arguing and fighting and plotting regularly is entertaining and deplorable at the same.damn time.  But there's a positive under current that can be received,  one that is pro traditional marriage, anti gay rights, and supporting the  slur of hard work.  Whether it's how Kirk and Rasheda have stayed married through all of their drama. How Jim Jones and Chrissy live as a family.  How all the girls fight for their men.  How Stevie J or Rich Dollarz or Ray J are The Men, and are the dominant people in their relationships and businesses.  How no one takes the female homosexuality seriously. Erica Mena is now engaged  to Bow Wow, even though last year she supposedly loved Cyn.  Or how Nikko was rumored to be gay and if was an insult.  Or how many fights on the show came from perceived disrespect, a masculine trait.

It's up to people who want to restore and improve on traditional values and logical truisms to build on these slight greenshoots in creative ways.  Otherwise they'll be used against us.

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