Friday, February 6, 2015

Craig Farmer report

1.  Once again people who claim to want gender equality insist on a double standard.  In the NBA, a player (Chris Paul) criticized a referee.  But since the referee was a female, his word choice and character is now being questioned.  Bottom line:  women are equal to men, and have to endure the same criticsm without the thought and speech police trying to protect them.

2.   President Obama is a great leader.  The economy is the best it's been in years.  He is setting the political agenda with issues like  immigration in an impressive way for a lame duck.  I honestly believe he will be on our money during my lifetime; deservedly so.  I say that disagreeing with his support of gay rights. I wish he supported traditional values, especially the black family.

3.  The Seahawks had a chance to win the SuperBowl, having the ball less than a yard away from the end zone in the final minute.  They should have run a top tier play for them which would be a running play, bootleg pass, or read option.  Instead they went with a poor play call that was intercepted.  Any play can fail, that's why you set yourself up for success so that if it fails there's no second guess.  Life lesson.

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