Friday, December 19, 2014


There'd be a rational reason to treat male-female couple better than same sex couples if only opposite sex couples could procreate our species...

If men had no responsibility for children unless they're married to the mom.

It's unconstitutional to give death penalty for a regular murder.

Progressives fight against the poor having a school choice

Conservatives fight against sex ed that leads to reduced abortions

Women who believed in equality stopped saying there's never a reason for a man to hit a woman

African Americans protested the violent criminals in their community more vigorous than the police

Gay rights groups weren't afraid of honest debate

Pro life Americans were really against abortion

People didn't need to join political groupthink

Music, movies, and TV supported traditional values

Sports teams hired Asians, women, Latinos  like rest of country

Tim Tebow was black

Tim Tebow wasn't a devout proselytizing Christian

Women didn't prefer men who were bigger and earn more money than them

Men and women didn't think control over a woman's  body is debatable

History could be written without bias

Facts and statistics could only be used properly

Getting a gun for more dangerous for you

Conservatives thinks the government that gets so much wrong can get death penalty right

No matter what factors are controlled  on IQ tests, as a group whites are way smarter than blacks, and Asians are a little smarter than whites

There are people  who want to give animals human rights and a human fetus no rights

Medical error is a leading cause of death

Everyone and everything has flaws

In life you have to pick a side

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