Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Republican Congress should propose Federal Marriage Amendment

I once again supported the Democrats in the 2014 Mid-terms because I am and always will be a yellow dog Democrat.  I detest these swing voters who go back and forth between parties in an incoherent way.  Also I'm not fond of party-switchers unless it is a real change rather than the popular thing to do or because one party or another "puts the people first".  So this was another tough election night for me, worst than 2010 because there really wasn't a silver lining like Scott Walker losing or Dems keeping the Senate.

That said, while I disagree with the new majority in that I support Obamacare, I support increased federal spending, increasing the minimum wage, reforming our voting to include more people, and immigration reform;

I hope Republicans attack this war on marriage with the same vigor.  Unfortunately, they don't talk about it at all.  That always makes me wonder if they are secretly for the gay agenda?

Propose and pass a Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!

So we can stop the nonsense that has been coming from our courts especially the Supreme Court.

It is ridiculous that the Scotus ruled there is no rational reason to define marriage as one man and one woman.  So we've gone from the gay rights movement saying in 1996 that there's no threat to marriage as a reason to oppose a FMA to only a crazy bigot would oppose gay marriage in less than a generation.  Unbelievable.

Well I hope the Republicans who've shown an amazing ability to ignore the media and short-term politics before to do what's right and vote to restore marriage repeatedly until it wins.

A fallback position could be to propose an amendment saying states can't be forced to accepte other state's or federal defintion.  Then maybe claw back little by little.

This blog is dedicated to Democrats against Gay Marriage.  You can google my many articles.  But right now the party is intolerant of diversity of opinion on this topic.

So it's left to others to show us the way.

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