Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who won Virginia Senate Debate?

Mark Warner won - debate

Opening statements.  Tie.   Republican Ed Gillespie's Obama-Warner  mantra was effective.  Democrat Mark Warner's America first versus a partisan warrior matched him.

Q1.    Warner. - who would've believed 10 years ago that the moderate Democrat would go on the offensive in Virginia on gay marriage?  Warner proudly went to Gillespie's left. the republican answer made no sense; the courts have taken Virginia's ability to decide gay marriage away, so for him to say he accepts the  Supreme Court's action (letting an appeals court ruling establishing gay marrisge in all 10th circuit states) and is against a federal amendment because he supports state's rights was ridiculous. (I wish the Republicans would fight gay marriage the way they have Obamacare.  sadly it
seems they've given up and sold out traditional values 

Q2.   Warner - both were hawkish on Syria , Gillespie charged that the military was cut too much. Warner claimed he worked to fix that with specific plans and voted for both sides plan to stop defense cuts.  Gillespie could have won by saying "this is typical Washington, Warner voted to cut defense, and now wants you to think he's against those cuts.  I would never vote for any deal that cuts defense like he did" (I think the U.S. spends waaay too much on the military)

Enough of this, the republicans are going to lose this race. On Q3 Gillespie again is talkin like a liberal. He needs to hold the center-right , but he's apprsling to the center left.  Warner has that locked down and is encroaching on the center - right.  Gillespie is debating like he has his right solidified, and he clearly doesn't.  Warner by temperament and votes has proven to be Republican friendly. 

Republicans should be running a base election in Virginia where they appeal to the hardcore to outnumber the left. It can work in 2014 because they will outnumber  moderates and liberals.  Probably not in 2016, but that's not today.

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